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In-store Payments

You can enjoy the seamless integration with the POS system of your choice with no added gateway or middleware. Regardless of the payment environment, industry, or sales channel, Our In-store payment solutions enable easier checkout and faster payment processing for a higher level of customer satisfaction. And as new payment types and features become available, they can be accommodated via remote software updates with no need for hardware upgrades or on-site visits. 


Accept virtually every payment type-from chip & Pin to tap and pay and mobile wallets. 

  • Contactless

  • Chip & Pin

  • Chip & Sign

  • QR Code

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EMV and NFC ready POS terminals

Improve your customer shopping experience.

Use our advanced equipment to accept POS payment in-store, collect payment via a self-service checkout or transform your mobile device into a payment terminal to accept debit and credit card payment at any location.

  • Fully certified for EMV (chip cards) and contactless with full encryption (NFC)

  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

  • Compliance with PCI standards

Virtual Terminals

Online or offline-based solution

Collect credit and debit card payments on your computer or tablet

Nuvei’s Virtual Terminal solution provides an effortless transaction experience, for you and your clients. It also provides merchants with the ability to execute manual payment card transactions offline.

  • Process payments, refunds or void transactions in real-time or in batches

  • Manually key in credit card information to accept payments

  • Set up recurring or installment billing for memberships or subscriptions

  • Print receipts immediately or securely store card information for invoicing



Easily accept QR code payments

Easily accept payments from customers with a QR code. Once scanned, the link redirects the customer to a secure payment page.

Begin accepting QR code payments wherever you are: operating a rideshare service, a pop-up shop or an outdoor market. Accept all major card schemes and popular payment methods.

  • Offer payment convenience via QR codes

  • Enables your customers to pay immediately

  • Get notified instantly upon payment confirmation

  • No technical integration required


Advanced payment technology brought to the point of sale

Poynt is a smart terminal that combines sleek hardware with powerful software, opening the point of sale to a world of commerce. Much more than a payment device, Poynt enables merchants to manage every aspect of their business, from inventory to payroll. Thanks to powerful third-party apps that integrate seamlessly to Poynt, merchants can consolidate and simplify their business management.

  • Run your business from anywhere with Poynt HQ via the Poynt Cloud! It allows you to see sales data in real-time; you can view transactions, add tips, void sales and even batch out, from anywhere.

  • Visit the app center for easy access to third-party tools and simplify managing your business.

  • Choose from top-quality hardware options to suit each of your unique business needs. Poynt 3303 is a counter-top device and Poynt 5 is a mobile device for when you need to take payment on the go!

  • Integrate with peripheral devices including printers, scanners, registers, and cash drawers.

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