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Integrated Payments

We make payment integration simple, secure, and straightforward. Our integrated solutions enhance the transaction experience, adding more features and value to the payment process. Plus our proprietary API allows third-party developers to easily integrate their systems into our terminal application. 

Integrations & Third Party Solutions

Full integration

  • Integration with ECRs, tablets, kiosks, and more

  • Simple API for POS system to call terminal, receive response

  • Secure EMV processing

  • Full P2P encryption for ultimate security

  • Tender Retail Middleware integration certified

transaction pic.jpeg


  • Limits PCI scope

  • Connects directly to processor for direct card data handling

  • Compatible with wide range of POS systems and software

  • Eliminates on-site back office server requirements

  • Eliminates middleware gateway to save on licensing fees


Third-party vendors 

We've also partnered with successful and reputable third-party vendors to offer a variety of processing solutions that fit your unique needs

No matter what product you need, we probably have the solution.

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