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We're the Hook-up for merchant services

At BespokeBancard we help our merchants with payment processing solutions and technology that help sell more, convert more, and extract more revenue out of each transaction. Click the get in touch button and leave your contact info so we can contact you today. 



Remove common payment barriers and increase approval rates, optimize operating costs, and eliminate fraud & chargebacks!

We provide more than just cost savings at BespokeBancard! Every merchant will have a dedicated relationship manager that will help consult and architect a payment strategy with the latest in payment innovations to increase conversions and drive more revenue. Click the get in touch button and allow us to review your current payment strategy so we can optimize it.


According to the credit card issuer associations, there was an estimated 487 million credit cards in circulation in the US throughout 2017, with over 183 million individual credit cardholders. As of 2021, there are 1.1Billion credit cards in the US.  Credit cards provide a convenient and flexible method of payment for both consumers and merchants. Consumers use them in order to build credit, take advantage of travel or other rewards, and gain immediate access to funds.

  • Increase Profit - offer the convenience to pay by credit card and your clients will tend to spend more.

  • Reduce Cash on Hand - Improve security and reduce the risks involved with employees handling cash.

  • Be More Competitive - Don't miss out on sales because your competition is accepting credit cards and you're not.

You're responsible for the success of your business. We want to help you get there, with Payment Optimization to increase profitability & customer satisfaction!
Fully supported Payment Solutions

We approve both Low-Risk & high-risk accounts
Same day & next day funding options
Surcharge program for both card-present & card-not-present
Robust & secure payment technology
No contracts or early termination fees

Leverage our connections with 200+ acquirers to capture every payment opportunity, increase acceptance rates, and reduce operating costs

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