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We are the hook-up for businesses with our game changing payment solutions tailored to your unique business model. Build, refine and optimize a system that meets your unique needs today and in the future. 


Get the results your business has been waiting for. 

  • Tailored credit card processing

  • Optimized payment strategy

  • Heavily reduce costs on payment processing fees

  • Cutting-Edge payment technology

  • Risk and fraud monitoring 

  • Dedicated relationship manager

  • Global payment platform


contactless payments

Does Part Of You Want To Know The Premium You're Paying To Accept Credit Cards With Your Existing Payment Processor?

Allow us 30 seconds to explain how we will heavily reduce the rates and fees you pay to accept payments through our extensive network of banking partners and credit card acquirers.

Have your existing recent processing statements ready for us to review and perform complete forensics analysis. We will identify all of the unnecessary junk fees and excessive mark up on the margins your provider is trying to protect. There are 2 possible scenarios and they both benefit you the merchant.

1. We show you savings attractive enough to consider switching over to us. 

2. We validate your existing pricing and give you a peace of mind. 

Both scenarios you win. 


The best part is, we don't do contracts! 



In conjunction with Visa & Mastercard regulations, Bespoke Bancard Solutions can help you save thousands of dollars per year. Its simple. We enable you to apply a small service fee to credit card payments and offer your clients a discount for using cash. This offsets some or all of your card fees, allowing you to reinvest the money into your business. Better yet our point-of-sale technology automatically applies the surcharge, making it seamless for you and your customers. 

Cutting-Edge Payment Technology With Concierge Like Customer Experience

We approve both Low-Risk & high-risk accounts
Same day & next day funding options
Surcharge program for both card-present & card-not-present
Robust & secure payment technology
No contracts or early termination fees
Mobile Payment transaction

Leverage our connections with 200+ acquirers to capture every payment opportunity, increase acceptance rates, and reduce operating costs

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