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Tailor Your Credit Card Processing Services To Match Your Business Model

Accept card-present transactions through a variety of secure technologies such as, POS systems, credit card terminals, Integrated, Semi Integrated. Use the same technology as some of the leading brands today. 

Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) allows you to take payments over the phone or send a secure link to your customers. We offer a variety of virtual terminals like, ePN, NMI and many others. 

Tap into a world of opportunity and reach new markets with our global payment platform. Grow your business without significant cost. Accept every payment type from debit and credit card to alternative payment methods like crypto. 

Consolidate online, in-store and mobile payment processing. Leverage the advantages of our global payment platform across all of your channels. 

Mobile commerce is quickly becoming the preferred way of payment acceptance. We enable easier checkouts and faster payment processing including Apple Pay,Google Pay,Samsung Pay and a variety of mobile swipers for yousmart phone or tablet. 

NFC/Contactless Payment

Enable your customers to use NFC Near Feild Communication payments. NFC payments enable contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and many more options that can be used on your smart phone. 

In-store Payments

Advanced payment technology brought to you at the point-of-sale. We make it easy for customers to pay, however they choose- from chip and PIN to Tap and Pay, and mobile wallets. 

Tablet & Cloud-Based Payment Solutions

Integrate into major POS systems, including eHopper, NCR, Aloha, Micros and Dinerware. Capitalize on modern features like NFC payments, EMV compliance, and pay at the table capabilities. 

Point-of-sale Terminal

We provide the best credit card terminals built for countertop, wireless and PIN pad units, ensuring for 90% hardware brands and model. 

Wireless Point-of-sale Terminals

Offering compact, reliable wireless mobility to the point-of-sale.

We offer short & long range solutions including Bluetooth for short range like restaurants, medical offices or retail store and long range cellular perfect for limo /taxis, food delivery or anyone else looking for flawless network coverage. 

Online Payments

Advances card-not-present and eCommerce technology enables our merchants to offer virtually every payment method including all major credit and debit cards, alternative payment methods and ACH payments and mobile wallets. 

Global Payment Gateway

Globally connected to over 200 markets with 150 currencies and cryptocurrencies. Our global payment gateway connects to a worldwide network of banks, so you can scale faster. Our eCommerce solution provides effortless cart integration. 

Virtual Terminal

Keyed credit card transactions are secure and easy to use. Set up recurring or installment billing for memberships or subscriptions.

Mobile Payments

Enable convenient, fast payment processing on the go, from any place. 

In-App Payments

Support all popular mobile wallets including Apple Pay and Google Pay and deliver on what your custoemrs want: An easy in-app experience. 

Mobile POS

Our hand-held mobile devices support chip &PIN, chip & sign and magnetic stripe payment technologies. Connect with smartphones and tablets using a choice of Bluetooth or audio jack. Certified to accept both contact and contactless payments.

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